Principal Investigator

Young-Gyun Park, Ph.D.

YG received his B.S. from KAIST in 2006 and his Ph.D from KAIST in 2011. He completed postdoctoral training at KAIST, Friedrich-Miescher Institute (Switzerland), and MIT.
Outside of the lab, he loves to spend time with his kids. He also tries to find time for swimming and movie watching.



Ph.D. Student

Taeyeon Weon

Taeyeon graduated from Korea University with a B.S. in Bioscience in 2021. In 2023, he graduated from KAIST with an M.S. in Bio and Brain Engineering. He has a deep interest in the personal difference of the memory. He enjoys music and photography in his spare time.



Sehun Kim

Sehun earned his B.S. at the Department of Life Sciences of GIST. He is curious about how individual neurons interact with each other to make a comprehensive judgement. Based on the understanding of the human brain, he is looking for a way to help patients who suffer from neurological diseases. When he takes a rest, he likes keeping track of his daily thoughts and playing the guitar.



Ratna Aditya Apsari

Ratna is an Integrated M.S.-Ph.D student at KAIST Program of Brain and Cognitive Engineering. She graduated with a B.S. in Physics from University of Indonesia, Indonesia. Her biggest motivation to study the brain is to improve the ways we diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate brain-related illnesses. In her spare time, she likes to hang out, read books, or play video games.



Cho Hyun Byun, M.S.

Cho has received her bachelor’s degree at Korea University in 2017 and her master’s degree at Korea University in 2019. 

After her master’s, she worked as a research assistant at Korea University until 2021 and is currently a Ph. D. student at NBML.

In her spare time, Cho likes to read a good thriller novel and bake desserts. 



Post-Master Researcher

Na-Kyung Lee

Na-Kyung earned her B.S. degree from Design and Human Factors Engineering department at UNIST in 2016 and her M.S. degree from KAIST Bio and Brain Engineering in 2023. While working in a Korean sportswear company as a Biomechanical researcher, she has built up her desire to study relationship between movements and brain and the nervous system.

As a way to refresh herself, she likes working out and exploring diverse activities as well as doing handicrafts.



Master Student

Ela li Maizel

Ela li holds a bachelors degree in Biology and Psychology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. Her passion lies in comprehending the complexities of the human brain to aid those dealing with neurological disorders. During her leisure hours, she enjoys reading, staying active through exercise, and talking with her family.



Chaiyoung Seo

Chaiyoung earned her B.S. degree in Biology at UCLA with minor in bioinformatics. With a passion in bioinformatics and neuroscience, she wants to innovate neurodegenerative disease treatment through advanced brain analysis. In her free time, she finds joy in caring for her cat.



Somi Lee

Somi received her B.S. in Psychology at the University of Utah and has worked as a research coordinator and analyst at Huntsman Mental Health Institute. As someone with a great interest and passion in understanding the brain mechanism of various neurological and psychiatric illnesses, she hopes to continue to gain hands-on experiences in neuroscientific and bioengineering research. In her free time, Somi enjoys skiing, hiking, and watching movies.



Hyuntae Jeong

Hyuntae finished his Bachelor’s degree at KONYANG univ. Department of Bio Medical Engineering. He has a lot of interest study of EEG signals within the cortex. His long-term research goal is to become a brain network expert.



Surayouth Phuksawattanachai (Mo)

Mo earned his B.S. at KAIST Bio and Brain Engineering with minor in Computer Science. He is interested in research involving neuroscience and engineering, particularly on the topic of brain mapping. I believe that implementation of novel techniques upon the brain mapping will ultimately solve the mysteries of the brain, and thus, leading to advanced disease therapies.



Minsung Kim

Minsung earned his B.S. at the Divsion of Biotechnology of Korea University. He is interested in research of neuroscience and cell engineering. His goal is to develop new treatments for neurological disorder by understanding the interactions between neurons and discovering new neural circuits. In his spare time, he enjoys walking along the street and watching Netflix.



Wonjin Cho

Wonjin earned his B.S. at the Department of Biological Sciences of UNIST. He is eager to gather knowledge from various fields of neuroscience, and understand the human mind in the long run. His goal is to develop neuroscientific tools to help mankind transcend their own limits. Besides doing science, he is interested in providing good care for his reptilian pets.



Lab Administrator

Sehyung Eum

Sehyung is working in the laboratory in administrative affairs.
In her spare time, she spends time with her family at the second house in Geumsan.



Post Undergraduate Researcher

Daye Kim

Daye received her B.S. in Software Convergence and Industrial Engineering from Kyung Hee University in 2023. Her profound passion lies in the field of Computational Neuroscience and Bioinformatics, where she aspires to make a lasting impact as a dedicated researcher. Equipped with computational skills, she tries to employ advanced analytical techniques to unravel the remaining mysteries of bioscience including the brain. She greatly admires individuals driven by a similar thirst for knowledge and embraces valuable challenges. Beyond her academic pursuits, Daye finds joy in playing tennis, drumming, and indulging in listening to classical violin.



Jounghyo Lee

Jounghyo obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology from University of Hong Kong Science and Technology (HKUST). She is passionate about exploring the fascinating realm of neuroscience and discovering new treatments for neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease. Her ultimate ambition is to become a scientist who not only advances the field of neuroscience, but also makes a positive impact on society. In her free time, she enjoys reading novels, staying active at the gym, and playing the piano.



Hyeongryool Park

Hyeongryool earned his B.S. at the Department of Mechanical Convergence Engineering of Gyeongsang National University. While working at a healthcare company developing digital pathology scanners, he has found interest in neuropathology scanning methods and image processing techniques. He believes in the potential of deep learning-based neuroimaging techniques for tackling unsolved corners of neurological diseases.

In his spare time, he likes to clear his mind doing laps at a swimming pool and brush up on his saxophone skills.



Undergraduate Researcher



Taehun Jo

I’m 3rd year undergraduate student in the Department of Bio and Brain Engineering at KAIST. My goal is understanding the overall function and principle of the brain to know human behavior. I enjoy some sports for a rest.



Hamin Park

Hamin is a 4th-year undergraduate student in the Department of Bio and Brain Engineering at KAIST. Her primary area of interest lies in Bioimaging technology. Her long-term goal is to understand the neural networks that contribute to brain function and resolving Brain disorders. In her spare time, she likes to go for a walk or spend time in a cafe.



Apphia Kezia Ricaforte Trillo

I am currently an undergraduate student majoring in Biological Sciences at KAIST, and I am interested in understanding the various mechanisms behind neurodegenerative diseases and finding ways to effectively treat and manage them. In my free time, I like to go out with my friends or watch a good movie at home.



Suyeon Jeon

Suyeon is a 3rd year undergraduate student in the Division of Biotechnology at the Korea University. She is interested in study of diseases occur by brain damage. Her long-term goal is to treat the various diseases at the cellular level. Out of the study, she loves to watch a movie or listening to music.



Sangbin Yoo

Sangbin is a 3rd year undergraduate student in the Department of Biological Sciences at the Chungnam National Univ. His long-term goal is to improve public health standards by unveiling neuron network in human brain and brain associated viruses. In his spare time, he enjoys walking along the street and park.




Veronika Brusilova, Master student, 2021-2023.

Current position: R&D Planning Team, SillaJen Inc.

Aditya Hernowo, MD, Ph.D, Post-doctorate associate, 2021-2023.

Current position: (1) CEO, Hyperscope Ltd.; (2) Neuroanatomist, School of Medicine, Indonesian Islamic University.

Thananya Charoenpattarawut (Fai), Undergraduate student, 2021-2022.

Current position: MSc/PhD, International Max Planck Research School for The Mechanisms of Mental Function and Dysfunction (Neuroscience)

Hyunwoo Jang, Post-master researcher, Summer 2021.

Current position: Ph.D. Candidate, Neuroscience Graduate Program, University of Michigan



Past Members

Gahyun Kwon, TryBBE Summer Intern, Summer 2023.

Min-young Lee, TryBBE Summer Intern, Summer 2023.

Minju Kim, Undergraduate Intern, 2023.

Yujin Park, Undergraduate Intern, 2023.

Benedict Reve Delmo, Undergraduate Intern, 2023.

Thanakrit Wongsatit (Austin), Undergraduate Intern, 2022.

Yejin Kim, Undergraduate Intern, 2021-2022.

Ipsita Singh, Undergraduate Intern, Spring 2021.

Isabel Crisostomo, Undergraduate Intern, Spring 2021.

Yongtae Kim, Undergraduate Intern, Spring 2021.

Jan Brey Espia, High school intern, 2022.