We demystify brain network by creating innovative tools


Welcome to Neurotechnique and Brain Mapping Lab!

Our mission is to invent tools for extracting multi-modal information from individual cells of intact biological systems. Using the tools, we are demystifying neural networks to understand brain functions, and devising a way to modulate the network for curing brain diseases.

Research Keywords



– 3D Histology techniques
– Novel read-out techniques for the brain
– AI-based 3D image processing
– functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS)



– Neurodegenerative disease
– Communication between mice
– Finding novel brain network
– Brain-body network

News and notices

Daejeon Science High School students coached by Sehun won first place in the self-directed research competition in the Chemistry section.

Students from Daejeon Science High School, under the guidance of Sehun, secured the top position in the self-directed research competition within the chemistry field. They conducted research for several months[…]

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YG has won the prestigious ‘The Grand Prize for Creative Education’ award

YG was honored with the ‘Grand Prize for Creative Education’ at KAIST’s 53rd-anniversary ceremony. The award recognizes educators who have made outstanding achievements in education, academia, and international collaboration, or[…]

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Congratulations Daye on winning the National Portfolio Competition for Students in Engineering

Congratulations to Daye Kim on achieving first place at the National Portfolio Competition for Students in Engineering (전국 이공계 학생 포트폴리오 경진 대회) in the Capstone Design Activities category! She[…]

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Towards Multiplexed Immunofluorescence of 3D Tissues: Our Lab’s First Review Paper on Multiplexed Immunofluorescence

Our lab is proud to announce the publication of the review paper, “Towards Multiplexed Immunofluorescence of 3D Tissues”. The paper explores current methods and possible approaches to achieve high-throughput profiling[…]

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Joining our group

As of 12.07.2023, we are hiring students and postdocs whose backgrounds are one among below:

Molecular or cell biology
Drug delivery

If you are interested in joining our group, please email the PI (Young-Gyun Park) at ygpark12@kaist.ac.kr with your transcript and/or CV (or some other documents) that describes your background knowledge, interests and skills.