Principal Investigator

Young-Gyun Park, Ph.D.

YG received his B.S. from KAIST in 2006 and his Ph.D from KAIST in 2011. He completed postdoctoral training at KAIST, Friedrich-Miescher Institute (Switzerland), and MIT.
Outside of the lab, he loves to spend time with his kids. He also tries to find time for swimming and movie watching.




Undergraduate Researcher

Wonjin Cho

Wonjin is a 4th year undergraduate student at the UNIST Department of Biological Sciences. He is eager to gather knowledge from various fields of neuroscience, and understand the human mind in the long run. His goal is to develop neuroscientific tools to help mankind transcend their own limits. Besides doing science, he is interested in providing good care for his reptilian pets.





Isabel Crisostomo

Isabel is a 4th year undergraduate student at the KAIST Department of Biological Sciences. She loves everything neuroscience, and hopes to use her knowledge and research in the field to help people with neurological disorders.
Aside from neuroscience, she also loves spending time with family and friends, reading, writing, and swimming!




Ipsita Singh

Ipsita is a 2nd year undergraduate student at the KAIST Department of Bio and Brain Engineering. She is excited about the limitless possibilities of research in Neuroscience and hopes to find more effective treatments for people with psychological disorders.

When she isn’t exploring the wonders of Neuroscience, she likes going on long bike rides, writing and painting.






Lab Administrator

Hana Jeong

Hana is working in the laboratory in administrative affairs.
She is working and run a studying at the same time to prepare for her doctoral degree.
She likes to go camping when she is resting and tries to spend time with the people around her.